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This is us at the Spacecenter in Alamogordo,New Mexico, where we lived for four years. The two youngest family members where born in the Gerald Champion Hospital in Alamogordo.Familie am Spacecenter ....See more pictures of us in the Photos section.

Hallo and welcome to our Homepage

This page is our home in the Internet. It contains information on family members, hobbies, some pictures and favorite LINKS to websites. We hope, that the information we give is interesting, not only for family members, but also for friends, neighbors and others, who would like to know more about us.
For Navigation click on the buttons to the left to go to each family members page or on the buttons on top to get to the Photo or Favorites sites. To get back to the start page just click on the "The Krause Family Homepage" Logo. If you have a comment to the page or would like to have a larger file of one of the pictures send us an e-mail.